Mercedes-Benz E-Class Night-vision system tested

Our mums always told us to eat the only way to get a good vision for our cores. Unfortunately, we have not heard, and now we are a group of four Freaks decays rapidly with ocular nerve. But we do not worry because the technology exists - we have a few days of testing the night vision system for Mercedes-Benz E-Class and now, as the Terminator, everyzing Zee ve.As if a trip was pitch-black look along motorways, with no way forward is not cold enough, the Merc also comes with three (count 'em), TV, two Car DVD players and computer systems vessel speed brakes and stops the car in your name while you're stuck in traffic during peak hours. All you need to do is direct. And knowing what keys to press to enable these functions.

Is this a good thing, though? Is a car with a touch of driving pleasure? There is no way - this is how we roll forward Car Tech.
NHS managers get your climb on and ride shotgun with the big boys, we'll show you live in the other half.


Roewe 350 car is sort of powered by Android

A car running Android? Before you have any ideas for something away from the link you have James Bond-style grip on the new Roewe 350 will not use Android for something as dramatic as the engine system. Instead, the Chinese automotive market should be reported by the operating system for the integrated Car DVD / Car GPS system.
This is even more remarkable than perhaps the first time we saw the use Android platform on a ice factory. Where 350S Roewe Android 2.1 is used for navigation, media playback, Internet access and even real-time conversations that seems like a recipe for disaster Crash.

The Roewe 350 is a fundamental concept for the past year has been revealed and is now in production for the Chinese market. It may be the price of 70,000 yuan RMB 130.000 ($ 10.000 and $ 20,000).


The goal of GPS tracking for both companies and individuals is the ability to immediately find what you are worth more.
Whether you are tracking a loved one, a fleet or a supreme good, Birdseyeglobaltracking.com a range of technologies, Car GPS and GPRS tracking devices that all work. All Birds Eye is Real Time and Historical Tracker no additional charge for continuous operation 24 / 7 monitoring. This means that you can be sure your favorite is a balance or your vehicle responsibly run because your device Birds Eye is always the labor market. It is important to note that the company started its trading activities, due to patient's disease Alzheimer. This is to show the commitment of human enterprise.

The founder after months of discussions and consultations with others, came up with a device that is the guardian, when someone moves and can then communicate in real time to walk the line of the current position. This is based on tracker GPS.
After years developing the device, is finally here, with reliable monitoring of food and live fences Geo. This device is small as a pager with a carrying case can be related to clothing. The device reports the caregiver when someone leaves a specific location. It works anywhere there is cellular service and cost as a cup of coffee a day. The next time someone is moving, you know the exact position of the foot, in real time. It does not matter if the garden or 3000 miles away. This device will save lives and peace of mind, so many families around the world.

New Birds Eye Tracker GPRS Global Hawk, the first tracker in real-time updates every two minutes. Direct GPRS data connection gives you the most accurate and reliable tracking data ever! The entire unit is operated as small as a set of car keys. It's small, accurate, reliable and discreet. The next generation of GPS tracking is here. Birds Eye Tracker is a totally independent global GPS tracking system small enough to fit in the palm. When taken together with vehicles, packages or people, has the Birds Eye Global Tracker GPRS an entirely new level of security and peace of mind. By using the global GSM / GPRS Tri-band Birds Eye Global Tracker GPRS offer comprehensive ability to monitor in real time.

About Birdseyeglobaltracking.com: Birdeyeglobaltracking.com provide GPS tracking services that can be used for various purposes. It is used by people to keep their loved ones, businesses, vehicles, etc. The duration of the products and services at low cost and high reliability is excellent.


Some of Car DVD players have iPod support, you can easily connect your it to your Car DVD unit by an iPod cable through the iPod input. . But Eonon would like to remind you, if your car doesn't have an iPod dock or iPod support audio system, rather than scrapping your mp3 player for burned cds, (or scrapping your car, for that matter) owners of dockless vehicles can patch together a method for streaming their MP3s through the built-in stereo. Effort and expense will vary, and some setups will sound much better than others. Here are five options to connect your iPod to your car.

Option 1: Wireless FM Transmitter
FM transmitters are the most popular and convenient way of playing an MP3 device through a car stereo. They typically plug into an iPod’s dock or headphone jack to create what is essentially a low-wattage pirate radio station—powerful enough to be picked up by your car radio inches away, but not strong enough to interfere with neighboring car radios. Unfortunately, these transmitters need to compete with real (and far more powerful) radio stations and are easily swamped by 6000 watts of classic rock. When this happens, the sound that comes out of the speakers can be a cacophonous mix of static, local radio stations and whatever your iPod is playing. This problem is exacerbated by FCC regulations, which prohibit FM transmitters from broadcasting at greater than 18.75 nanowatts, essentially ensuring that they won’t work well. And while this problem is particularly pronounced in cities with crowded airwaves, the issue exists nearly everywhere in the country. There’s another downside to FM transmitters: Even under ideal conditions, FM radio just can’t deliver excellent sound quality.

That being said, FM transmitters are extremely convenient and, with many models selling for as little as $15, affordable. If you decide to use one, choose a model that lets you pick any FM frequency (some restrict you to a few stations on the top or bottom of the spectrum). This will increase your odds of finding an open channel.

Option 2: Cassette Adapter
Audio cassette adapters take advantage of an increasingly rare feature: a car’s tape player. These adapters are shaped exactly like a cassette tape. They are cheap (around $15), commonplace and deliver decent sound quality. To use one, simply plug one end into the MP3 player’s headphone jack and the other into the tape deck. If your automobile has a cassette player, there is no easier way to get interference-free listening.

Option 3: Wired FM Modulator
With wireless FM transmitters, the signal has to travel through high-traffic airwaves on its way to your car antenna. Wired FM modulators, which usually come as small boxes with a few cords running out from them, intercept the connection between the car’s antenna and radio, allowing you to inject your iPod’s signal directly into this wired pathway. The result is dramatically improved sound quality—although the final result is still hampered by the limitations of FM radio, which is far from audiophile-friendly.

These modulators are inexpensive (they can be found online for as little as $15) and relatively easy to put in, as long as you are comfortable fiddling with your car stereo’s wires. To install one, position yourself underneath the dash. Reach up and unplug the antenna from the back of the stereo and plug it into the modulator’s antenna input. Take the modulator’s output cord and connect it to the stereo’s antenna input. You can then set the modulator to run at any FM frequency. Pick one with weak competing signals (usually at the very top or bottom of the spectrum), and plug the modulator’s audio output cord into your iPod’s headphone jack.

Option 4: Stereo With Line-In Port
If you’re lucky, your car stereo has a headphone-size line-in port right on the front. If so, all you have to do is jack your MP3 player into this hole, tune your stereo source to “Auxiliary,” and crank some tunes. Unfortunately, most car stereos lack this port. Installing a new car stereo that has one is one method for getting excellent sound using your iPod. New stereos with the port can be purchased for under $100 and installed either by you or a professional. (Some shops offer free installation with purchase.)

Option 5: RCA Port
Some car stereos—primarily ones with CD players—include an RCA jack in the back. Hijacking this audio connection from the CD player will provide excellent sound quality for music coming off an iPod. First step: Remove the stereo. If there is an RCA port, you will see dual jacks—one with a red and one with a white input (similar to the RCA jacks on home stereos). RCA-to-headphone cords can be bought for a few dollars at just about any electronics store. Plug the red and white ends of this cord into the stereo’s RCA jack and the other end into your MP3 player’s headphone jack. Finally, tune your stereo to either “CD” or “Auxiliary” (the exact setting depends on your stereo).


Some South American Cities Moved in Chile's Earthquake

With disasters affecting Haiti, Chile and more recently in Turkey, appears to be no end in sight for the earthquake-weary. Researchers from four universities and several institutions - including geophysicists on the ground in Chile - Measures were made at 25 stations Car GPS tracking in front of the massive earthquake and compared with measurements taken 10 days later to come to the preliminary data.

New evidence of the Ohio State University (OSU shows published) that the 8,8 mega-magnitude earthquake that struck the coast of Chile during the last month was so strong that several selected cities in South America and of course during the initial place.

The effects of shock Concepcion, Chile has taken, it was so far away as Brazil and the Falkland Islands, which is considered the fifth-largest earthquake ever recorded.

* Conception, Chile, moved 10 meters to the west.
* Santiago, the capital of Chile, has moved about 11 centimeters to the west-southwest.
* Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, moved about 1 cm to the west.

And Buenos Aires, located across the continent!

Cities Valparaiso and Mendoza, Argentina, north of Concepcion, also showed significant movement.
How far, such as moving an entire city?

The proposed measure is called CAP Project: Central and Southern Andes Project GPS.

Dr. Ben Brooks, a research fellow at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii and co-researcher in the project worked with a team of researchers from OSU, University of Memphis and analyzes various other data.

In Argentina, the Military Geographical Institute, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza and the National University of Buenos Aires to the project. UNAVCO, a consortium of over 50 organizations and agencies dealing with research in the earth sciences is to provide equipment for the project, said the press release from OSU.


Roewe 350S is testing

The the Roewe 350, to design a car Nice seriously, counting cars on display in Beijing to begin a month from now with a 1.5 engine. Persistent rumors of a 1,5 Turbo engine has been around for some time, although we have not even spy photos of these animals. It has Car DVD GPS navigation system and several other technology board.

The Roewe 350 is expected to play a bigger car SAIC Roewe Masters, because it is the first true self-developed car, which, like the Roewe 550 and produced a platform abbreviation Roewe 750, which is a reproduction of the developed Rover 75, however, the V8 Rover 75S barbecue style. The Roewe 350 is derided as a car in the future will be equipped with technology, but sell at a low price.

According to the car, the Roewe is the 350S is suitable, the smallest model in the series is the 350D has the Car GPS DVD navigation system and several other technology board. Although the model below the poverty spec model is a little different than anything in its class:


How to use and implement a GPS

It seems almost every day theres mention again and tracking GPS. By identifying vehicles of the company to monitor the teenage driver, and all others, Car GPS tracking is used increasingly for safety and improving efficiency. There are some important guidelines to remember when installing the tracker GPS to maximize their effectiveness.
What is GPS tracking?
GPS or Global Positioning System, uses satellites to communicate with GPS location in real time. The receiver sends the stigma GPS, speed and time on the Internet, you can register online and anywhere you would check trackers. There are two types of GPS devices include wired and wireless / battery. The technology is essentially the same, but the reasons for the use of one or another of your security requirements. What are the different types of Car GPS trackers;
With a GPS tracker you have ever wired through the battery is almost exhausted because of concern that such devices are wired directly under the dash and works in front of the car power. This device is useful for monitoring long term, as shown initially necessary wiring in the car. Wired GPS followed mainly from the companies hope their institutions or a fleet, or for those who are used to protect the stolen cars in case of screening.

The great thing about the radio or battery of GPS tracking devices is that they are fully portable and wireless and that means you can use to track a variety of different things for your needs. If you want to track your vehicle daily to throw in your backpack Childs another, and then put it in a suitcase on vacation, you can. Basically you can put anywhere and can switch between trackers when needed change.

Comment puis-je GPS tracker
According to the model of the vehicle, wireless / battery GPS devices can be placed at various points. The most common sites are the driver or passenger seats, hidden in the region before or behind the dashboard and glove box. The GPS is only in these areas, the Auto as it conveys a message through the window. In other words, if you place the GPS tracker under the hood of your car or trunk can block the signal and therefore the device does not work, ie. The same applies if you put the tracker GPS in a box of metal or underground storage unit. Remember, you can send the GPS Open-Air brand.

Some people choose to save GPS tracker in weather resistant housing, add only tractor on the chassis of the car or inside a wheel. The slap-n-monitoring technique works because the GPS signal is reflected in the way or jump across the gap between the bottom of the car and the sidewalk.

Depending on your needs and who or what you have to book either hard wired or wireless / GPS battery can help you maintain the security, safety, and even improve the efficiency of your business.


Which Top 20 Cars That Have the Lowest Insurance Rates?

When people think about buying a new vehicle to them for the price, interest rates, the physical properties of the vehicle and driving the vehicle. The only thing many people forget is that when purchasing a new car or used, what it costs to insure it is. The premiums are quite expensive and are more expensive for some cars. We all want cheap car insurance, but now knows the importance of choosing a car. Luxury cars, Car DVD players and upgraded from an expensive luxury car, include the replacement of standard equipment.

According to Insure.com, ensuring the top 20 cheapest cars, as follows:

Faster cars are more likely to have accidents than those who are more conservative with the speed. Insurance can see that when a car driven at high speed and power, a convertible or sports car, you must purchase this power and speed, and are at higher risk of accidents. It should also be noted that these types of vehicles that are attractive to the younger generation of drivers and younger drivers looking to step up earlier and have higher premiums than someone with more experience driving.

Another important reason that sports cars have higher premiums because they are more attractive to car thieves. It is more likely to be broken or stolen, because the value of the silver vehicle. Soft-top convertibles are higher premium, but also because so much easier to crack than in an ordinary car or sports car.

Such as hybrid cars or external costs more money for modernization or replacement. Therefore, a higher premium than a car that has never, as standard equipment. Luxury cars, Car DVD players and upgraded from an expensive luxury car, include the replacement of standard equipment. Hybrids are a car with higher insurance premiums because the species is rare and expensive to replace.

The age of the very car insurance rate you receive from your insurance agent. If a car is brand new, it is expensive to achieve, because the parts are new and expensive. If the car is an old car parts are hard to find and more expensive because of availability. In cooperation with the age of the car is the color of the car. Many people believe that if you are a bright orange car, such as yellow or red, to ensure that there is more flavor. It is a myth. A red car does not cost more than black or white car with the same functions to be provided. The pearlized or metallic colors on cars is a bit higher than the background color car to achieve because the ingredients are more expensive to get the colors.

A vehicle with 4 wheels to do more to ensure, as it is difficult to put together. There are many places to obtain and therefore appeal to a higher rate. It is somewhat a win-win, however, because a 4-wheel drive vehicle is stolen, like a large SUV or truck, not a car that is capable of doing, because hiding more difficult. Therefore, the premium should be compared to that of a luxury sedan. Another aspect of the complexity of vehicles powered by diesel. It's like a car with 4 wheels on the side is more complicated and expensive parts to repair it, so the premium is higher. Vehicles or high performance Turbo is the same way. If you have a muscle car, you want to be able to demonstrate the power and the turbo used car. The result is that many of the damaged engine. This is another point to consider when buying a car as

The vehicles listed above, can some of the characteristics listed in the preceding paragraphs, but standard cars that the driver some money to make sure you save. You have to finish before you go buy a new car. You can thousands of people in the life of the car.


What To Look For Car GPS

GPS receptors for the outdoor adventure to explore and purchase the car are two different animals, although some may overlap. Foreign policy GPS receivers built to withstand the elements - it is more flexible investment and waterproof. The portable Car GPS also intended to maintain the light and easily with one hand. You must make smaller screens than auto receivers GPS, and the screen is not always in color. The handheld GPS receivers point also, the battery life. Watch our report on handheld GPS for more information.

Car GPS receivers are portable but want more of them are camping. It is watertight, and because of the large screens, they are usually heavier than a portable GPS (although the average weight) is still less than half a pound. The wide screen also undermines the battery life. Most GPS receivers can be in a car cigarette lighter socket. The Car GPS devices related to the provision of maps and audio instructions. Do not just portable GPS receivers are often only based on maps, and some with cards in general.
Car-mounted receivers GPS, also come with a windshield or dashboard, while the majority of portable GPS devices do not.

Other possibilities for car navigation, a smartphone with integrated receiver GPS (see our report on smartphones) or a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or PDA. Some PDA with embedded antenna GPS, while others accept mai receiver accessories. The laptops have screens much larger than the GPS receiver in the car and have plenty of room for cards, but not easily fitted in the car, and will work better if you or plus operator or software that uses voice instructions received. Otherwise, using only dangerous when driving.

Aftermarket Experts say GPS units are better and cheaper than pre-set factory installed in some cars. Factory-installed navigation systems, GPS can not be upgraded and used in a car. However, the unit has installed GPS devices have two advantages: they offer a clean installation, integrated, and is much more difficult than flying Auto Aftermarket devices GPS. This report refers only to a GPS receiver in the secondary market, the factory installed units are rarely checked.

* It's for occasional use, requires only one application smartphone with a GPS. Large companies such as GPS Garmin, TomTom and TeleNav GPS application for iPhone, Blackberry, etc. get in the range of 70 to $ 100 dollars, good reviews. Some applications of May costs only $ 5 or $ 10 and work very well on tests. But experts say dedicated car GPS devices are more accurate and much easier to use. Good budget GPS devices start around $ 100.
* The quantity and quality of maps is essential. It should also in progress (or improvement) if you are driving mature cities such as New York and San Francisco. Some units can download maps through a USB cable or memory card. Receiving devices connected to the power of the Internet by Garmin and TomTom in wireless, automatic updates.

* The automatic route calculation is a standard feature on all cars in good navigation GPS. With more sophisticated equipment, car GPS, you can enter multiple destinations, and the camera will give you the most effective way to achieve all these.

* Look for spoken street names. Instead of giving a single statement, left in 100 meters, models with text to speech to pronounce street names ( 100 meters on the main road, turn left ) in order to provide better information and reduce need to see the screen.

* Make sure your device is able to properly and securely mounted on your dashboard or windshield. Almost all models are equipped with the right material. The experts stress that you can mount the unit where it does not interfere with airbags should. All U.S. states now allow GPS devices to be placed on the windshield.

* Examine the multimedia functions. Many car GPS devices can play MP3 files and store photos. Most models play with built-in speakers, and some also offer an FM transmitter to play through your car stereo system. However, testing is the FM transmitter does not work very well, and some models do not allow music to play and navigate to the same period.

* Decide if you want to get traffic reports in real time and alerts. FM / TMC, MSN Direct, NAVTEQ, XM, Tele Atlas and Clear Channel to offer traffic information in real time. Compatible with GPS devices to download using an integrated or external tuner - or a Bluetooth mobile phone - the information in the routing. Garmin navi Some models come with a free subscription to the service life of other GPS devices usually require a separate annual subscription. Check the coverage, however. Each service is only a limited, but a growing number of major markets. MSN Direct service will begin January 1, 2012 There are no other because of the lack of subscriptions, Microsoft has announced.

* Ensure that the size of the screen your vision and vehicle parking is adequate. Most previous models of GPS and the budget has 3.5 inch screen. Some budget models and more expensive units is 4.3 inches. Garmin has some points to 5 inches.

* Consider a car with a GPS device wholesale points of interest database (5 million or more). Local attractions include sightseeing, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and ATMs. Some devices allow you to download points of interest. Web-linked units offer an unlimited number of users on the Internet, rather than relying on a database over.

* Just comfort features. A touch screen is the norm. Many units simplifies text input, allowing you to do is type letters or names into the database. Just start typing, these units also have options to choose from. Some units allow voice commands, but the experts say, the Garmin Nuvi 885T and nuvi 855 are the only ones that allow GPS devices really loud.

The navigation technology Global Positioning System (GPS), the exact time and location data using the 24 calendar satellite navigation and Ranging (Navstar) satellites are available. Each satellite completes an orbit of Earth every 12 hours. Placed at a level that allows for the same reason, once every 24 hours (less than four minutes) coverage.

Each satellite has a very accurate atomic clock and transmits both the position and time of the signal can be captured by a receiver GPS. A GPS device can receive data from several satellites, and since each satellite information is appropriate for its location and distance, see the GPS unit takes the necessary calculations and to get to a point with an accuracy of about 15 meters. Many factors can affect accuracy, including weather conditions, buildings, tunnels and dense foliage. However, that the most recent beneficiaries of the user to significantly reduce these problems.